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Country: USA
Tied.biz Rating: 100

Homepage: http://www.tyler-scot.com/
Author of this Review: tsfan

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-----   Posted by VegasGuy on August, 27 , 2009      

The best places to see Tyler Scot vids is on Dan Hawke and there used to be some good stuff on Paragon but they have stopped selling vids,only downloads now so I dont know what they have anymore but I agree she was one of the best

Comment by:


-----   Posted by dani79 on April, 10 , 2009      

I just stumbled upon this. This is tyler scot and thank you for this but i dont know if i will return xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Comment by:


-----   Posted by susanbif on March, 10 , 2009      

id love to make love to tyler tied up. licking her pussy, rubbing my pussy on hers mmmm

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-----   Posted by ukbinds on January, 24 , 2009      

She had a bf and wanted to settle down as the industry started pushing limits further. She was one of the best and a really nice girl.

Comment by:


-----   Posted by Master2bindngagyou on October, 13 , 2008      

She retired to go to school and live a normal type life, it is a shame, she was the best out there.

Comment by:


-----   Posted by thekeyholder on September, 06 , 2008      

does anybody have any movies of her? im looking to trade. email me at thekeyholder@live.com if ur interested.

Comment by:


-----   Posted by greyman on June, 29 , 2008      

Very hot, but all those tats make her look skanky.

Comment by:


-----   Posted by tomdage on May, 31 , 2008      

she is so hot. Unfortunally she is out of bussines

Comment by:


-----   Posted by bostonmaster on October, 06 , 2007      

what happened to this sexy little submissive model she was one of the best i cant wait to see her back in biz, does anyone know why she quit?

Comment by:


-----   Posted by Nox on September, 09 , 2007      

She is so gorgeous! Why did she have to retire?

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